Agent Networks

Our services allow Agent Network Providers focus on their core activities of growing the base and increasing revenue. We extend credit to their agents thereby increasing revenues and loyalty without the risk of bad debts to the Agent Network Provider.

Business Opportunity

  • How do you offer post paid services on vending platforms such as installmental Bill payments plans to the growing number of Agents who cannot afford a large float?
  • How do you mitigate the risk of losing sales through Agents when their wallet is low?
  • How do you reduce the risk of the customers of your Agents going to a different vendor?
  • How do you mitigate a revenue dive in the midst of all these challenges?
  • How do you help your agents grow with a fixed amount of capital to load their wallets?

Proposed Solution – Agent Vending Postpaid System

  • Our Agent Vending Postpaid System extends credit facility to Agents in an Agent Network as a Value Added Service.
  • Our Agent Vending Postpaid System provides customer profiling which helps understand data better and structure payments based on floats.
  • This service helps to reduce your churn rate across Agents and Help Agents Sell More.
  • Current system where people prepay for bill payments with limited resources is not sustainable.
  • Agent Network Service Providers get the opportunity to pioneer this service, boost revenue and become a perfect case study to competition.