Financial Institution

We work with diverse players in the financial services industry. Our products allow financial services companies provide data-driven vending and credit of utility units (Airtime, Electricity, etc) to their customers, thereby increasing loyalty and revenue. We provide the products without any exposure to the financial institution.

Business Opportunity

  • How do you offer post paid and prepaid payment methods to to existing banking customers.
  • How do you mitigate the risk of losing sales through Agent networks, competing banks when the bank balance of the customer is low.
  • How do you reduce the risk of the customers of your Customers going to a different provider?
  • How do you mitigate a revenue dive in the midst in vending this products of all these challenges?
  • How do you enhance the purchasing experience of your customers across other services beyond core banking.

Proposed Solution – Advance
Utility Sales Service

  • Our PREPAID / POSTPAID VENDING SYSTEM (PPVS) provides a channel for existing bank customers to purchase Airtime , internet data, electricity and other utility services via SMS and USSD channels
  • Our PPVS under the postpaid offering extends credit facility to Banking customers to purchase this products.
  • Our PPVS provides customer profiling which helps understand data better.
  • This service helps to reduce your churn rate across the customer base of the bank.
  • Current system where people prepay for bill payments with limited resources is not sustainable.